About Us

Our goal at Evacu8 is to save lives and money at the same time, we do this by combining software and hardware. Evacu8 is right in the center of Industry 4.0. With our technology we can reduce workplace fatalities and avoid accidents, however that is not all. Our offering is diverse and is built in with some key business management tools for clients who want to maximize their output.

What Are We

We are a group of innovators who believe in changing the world! We refuse to accept the status quo, which in this case includes workplace fatalities. Our goal is to reduce these fatalities until they are eventually non existent.

We exist for both employer and employee, for their families and the rest of humanity

What We do

We do automated emergency evacuations and we do them good too! With our system installed, a company can avoid, monitor and evacuate emergency situations swiftly through an automated system.

This system comes built in with business tools for companies who want to maximize their output.

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